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Five Benefits to Exercising With Your Baby!

Mom exercising with baby.

Workout routines can be hard to develop.  It might feel impossible to fit in fitness after having a baby. And if you do find the time, you probably don’t want to be away from your newborn or have to think about childcare.  What’s a new mom to do? The solution could be as simple as working out with your baby.

Working out with your baby can be good for both of you. Here are five great benefits to fitting your baby into your fitness routine:

  1. Save money
    No need for child care, a gym membership or equipment to exercise with your baby.
  2. Bonding time
    Spending facetime with your baby helps strengthen your bond. You can give your baby kisses while doing pushups and smile at him or her while holding the plank position.
  3. Convenience
    It can be hard to find time every day to hit the gym, but nearly every mom spends time interacting with her baby. Set aside 30 minutes—or an hour if you’re up for it—to exercise with your baby. Grab the stroller and go for a walk or jog, or try an online mommy-baby cardio workout.  
  4. Baby exercises
    Your baby needs exercise, too! Tummy time helps develop strong neck and shoulder muscles. It also promotes motor skills. While you do your floor exercises, put your baby on a blanket beside you. While your baby has tummy time, you can have work-out-that-tummy time.
  5. Starting healthy habits
    Working out with your baby will reinforce healthy lifestyle habits for your family. Through you, your baby will see the importance of regular exercise.