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Mommy Survival Bag Must-Haves!

Woman looking in bag

My grandma’s purse had a black hole in the bottom. Really! It’s true — or at least I thought it was when I was younger. She could fit her whole world in that single, small, black leather bag — first-aid kit, sewing supplies, hair accessories, beauty supplies, snacks, drinks, even a blow-dryer, probably. It was all in there, and she made it fit like magic. If a small emergency popped up, no worries. Grandma’s purse had it covered.


Even though I personally don’t always like carrying a large bag or purse, my grandma taught me the importance of having essential items nearby at all times, especially for those unpredictable moments. I’m sure all of you moms can relate.


With the help and expertise of 10 busy moms, we’ve put together this list of 16 items all South Carolina moms should have in their mommy survival bag. Or as Grandma would say, your purse.


  1. Wet wipes – You can never have too many.
  2. Body Spray/deodorant – Oh, the humidity.
  3. Hand sanitizer – Germs. Enough said.
  4. Small bottle of lotion – Everyone gets ashy .
  5. Small pack of tissues – For sad tears and happy tears too.
  6. Small first aid kit – For perceived and real boo-boos.
  7. Lip balm – Because dry lips hurt.
  8. Feminine supplies – For you or a friend in need.
  9. Hair brush/hair ties – See #2.
  10. Pain meds – Because pain is temporary but being a mom isn’t.
  11. Floss – Stay selfie-ready.
  12. Breath mint/gum – Onions at lunch?
  13. Snacks – Keep the tantrums at bay — yours and theirs.
  14. Pens – One is never enough.
  15. Crayons and small notepad – Keep kids occupied while waiting.
  16. $20 cash – You never know when you’ll need it.


If you’re like me and don’t like carrying a bag all the time, keep items like this in a clear bag in your car, so you can easily grab what’s needed. The great thing about creating a mommy survival bag is that there are no rules. Customize your bag depending on your needs and the ages of your children. What’s in your mommy survival bag?