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Welcome to Healthy Blue

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To all of our members who got to know us as BlueChoice HealthPlan Medicaid, we thank you.

Because you are part of our family, we especially want to make sure you have heard the news that we are changing our name. Do not worry, because nothing is going to change for you — only our name. We are now going to be Healthy Blue, because we want our name to better reflect that our focus is on you. Our values remain the same, as does our mission, which is to support our members in living their healthiest lives by providing high-quality health care coverage. You can still count on the same great benefits, provider network and rewards that you have always received.

All of our phone numbers and contact information are still the same. Stay up to date by visiting and following us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. We are glad you are part of the Healthy Blue family! Tell us what you think of our new name. Thanks!

View the official press announcement.

Welcome to Heathy Blue!