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Blue Choice

South Carolina Healthy Connections

Free Car Seat

What You Get

A free car seat for your new baby by going to your prenatal visits.

How to Get It

  • Call the Customer Care Center and ask for a car seat voucher.
    • 1-866-781-5094
    • (TTY 1-866-773-9634)
  • Be a BlueChoice HealthPlan Medicaid member by the time of your first prenatal visit, throughout your pregnancy and when you deliver your baby.
  • Go to at least 11 prenatal visits, starting on or before your 14th week of pregnancy. Have your primary care physician (PCP) sign off on each visit.*
  • Complete and mail the self-addressed, postage-paid card provided to you.

 *We’re required to verify membership status and that all visits listed on the voucher are prenatal visits.

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