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If you’re living with diabetes, you’re not alone. BlueChoice HealthPlan Medicaid wants you to know you can take control. We know you want to have more energy, lower your risk of complications and improve your quality of life. Whatever your goals, making small changes can help you achieve them.

Diabetes is a disease.
It occurs when the body does not make or use insulin properly. Insulin is a hormone that changes glucose, starches and other foods into energy needed for daily life. Blood glucose is another term for blood sugar.

Things to Know

  • Insulin changes sugar into energy
  • Blood glucose = blood sugar

The exact cause of diabetes is unknown. Studies show, however, that both family history and lifestyle contribute. Diabetes can occur in people of all ages and races. There is more than one type of diabetes. Diabetes can affect your body from head to toe.
That is why it is so important to learn how to manage your diabetes.

We have a care management program. If you have diabetes, a case manager can work with you by phone to help you set goals and create a care plan. You’ll learn to take small steps toward better health and to get past the things that may be getting in your way. Your case manager can help you:

  • Set up a doctor’s appointment
  • Identify health goals and create a care plan
  • Get and use a glucometer
  • Find information about diabetes education programs in your area
  • Arrange for transportation or other special needs
  • Learn about diabetes


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