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Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Drugs

Specialty drugs are high-cost injectable drugs that require close watch of a patient’s drug therapy. These drugs often need special handling, such as special packaging and overnight delivery, and are often not available at retail pharmacies. Office-based injectables are typically covered under the medical benefit, while self-injectable medications are typically covered under the Pharmacy Benefit program.

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Specialty Pharmacy

Healthy Blue uses a separate pharmacy network to fill specialty drugs covered under the pharmacy benefit. Our specialty pharmacy vendors provide special care when a drug is filled. Also, these pharmacies will help members who have complex medical conditions to stay compliant with their regimens.

Benefits of Using a Specialty Pharmacy

Individualized care: Health care staff who are trained in specialty medications and in a member’s condition. These include patient care representatives, nurses and pharmacists.

Free shipping: including special handling of refrigerated medications.

Refill reminders to help keep you on track with taking your medication.

Accredo Specialty Pharmacy is an independent company that administers the Specialty Medication program on behalf of BlueChoice HealthPlan.