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DM Provider Rights and Responsibilities

As a participating provider with members enrolled in a disease management (DM) program, you have additional rights and responsibilities. You have the right to:

  • Have information about DM, including programs and services, our staff and their qualifications, and any contractual relationships.
  • Decline to participate in or work with DM programs and services for our members, if contractually possible.
  • Be informed of how DM coordinates our DM-related interventions with treatment plans for individual patients.
  • Know how to contact the person responsible for managing and communicating with your patients.
  • Have DM support to make decisions interactively with patients regarding their health care
  • Receive courteous and respectful treatment from DM staff.
  • Communicate complaints to the program DM about DM as outlined in the Provider Complaint and Grievance Procedure.

These rights and responsibilities are available to you in written format upon request.

The clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) for these chronic conditions are available in the resource area of the secure provider home page. Login is required. We also fax CPGs to you when members enroll in a DM program. You can request them at any time.