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Diabetes Care Websites

  • American Diabetes Association
    Top website for diabetes information. Offers basic diabetes topics and resources for the professional. Some patient information is available in Spanish.
    • DiabetesCare.Net
    • Offers a variety of diabetes resources such as trackers, videos and social media opportunities with interactive blogs and discussion forums.


      Educational Videos

      • Caremark provides Health Library Videos highlighting diabetes topics that you may find useful in helping educate your patients. Topics include:
        • Understanding Pre-Diabetes
        • Diabetes – Your Management Plan
        • Managing Type 2 Diabetes: You Need a Plan
        • How Insulin Works
        • Weight Loss for the Long-term
        • Choosing Carbohydrates Wisely
      • Blood Sugar and Fears
        This video from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers simple steps to prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes.

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