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Electronic Claims Submission

Online claims submission is the preferred method for many providers. You can file claims directly to us, through a clearinghouse or by using My Insurance ManagerSM. We accept all claim types electronically — including primary, secondary, institutional, and corrected claims. Refer to the available guides for quick assistance:

With electronic filing, we can begin processing your claim right away. This makes reimbursement cycles shorter than with paper claims. Electronic filing can also help catch errors that might otherwise delay processing. 

The payer ID for Healthy Blue is 00403.

Electronic medical claims (EMC) filing is more efficient because it allows hospitals and physicians to receive payment five to seven days faster than for claims they file via hard copy. EMC filing also ensures claims accuracy through system edits.

Check out the guide that provides an overview of the Claim Attachment feature in My Insurance Manager. 

Paper Claims Submission

If you prefer to submit hard copy claims, you can mail your CMS-1500 and CMS UB-04 paper claim forms to us at:

Healthy Blue
P.O. Box 100317
Columbia, SC 29202-3317

Timely filing for both electronic and paper claims submission is 365 days, whether it is the original or corrected claim.