How To Renew

Renew Your South Carolina Medicaid Benefits

Don’t lose your benefits! Renewing your Healthy Blue benefits is not automatic. To keep your benefits, you need to renew them every year.

1. Check your mail.

When your review period comes around, you will get a Healthy Connections Annual Review Form in the mail. South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) will use your form to determine if you still qualify for Medicaid.

2. Fill out and return your form.

You will need to fill out the Annual Review Form to the best of your ability. You will then need to submit the form to SCDHHS. You can submit the form a few ways:  

Didn't get a form?

Sometimes, SCDHHS can renew your Medicaid benefits with the info they have. In this case, you will receive a “continuation of benefits” notice. If you get one of those, you do not need to fill out the Annual Review Form. You can check your annual review status at


Learn More About Your Benefits

Learn what is covered under your Healthy Blue benefits including free extra benefits such as free gift cards, youth club memberships, cellular benefits and more. 

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