Healthy Rewards

With the Healthy Rewards program, you can earn gift cards for completing healthy activities. 

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Get Rewarded

Get rewarded for creating a healthy lifestyle. With Healthy Rewards, you can get gift cards just for completing healthy activities. You are eligible to start receiving Healthy Rewards gift cards 91 days after you become a Healthy Blue member. 

  • $20 for signing up for a My Health Toolkit account

  • $20 for filling out your Personal Health Assessment (PHA). You can fill this out through My Health Toolkit

  • $25 for annual checkups for members ages 3-21 years old 

  • $25 for pap smear tests 

  • $25 for breast cancer screenings 

  • $25 for chlamydia screenings

  • $20 for getting the flu vaccine

  • $20 for getting the HPV vaccine 

  • $25 for diabetes eye exam  

  • $25 for diabetes blood test

  • $25 for pregnant members who go to a prenatal visit in their first trimester or within 42 days after enrollment 

  • $50 for new moms who go to their postpartum visit 7-84 days after delivery

  • Up to $80 for completing well-baby visits during your child's first 30 months of life

How To Get Started

It is easy to start earning rewards with our Healthy Rewards program! Log into your My Health Toolkit account. If you don’t have an account, it is easy to sign up. Once you are logged in, you can select Healthy Rewards Hub under My Plan & Benefits in the top toolbar. From here, you will be able to register for a Healthy Rewards Hub account. 

Within the Healthy Rewards Hub, you will be able to: 

  • See what rewards you can earn. 
  • Provide details on your health activities to earn rewards such as the date of your appointment. 
  • See the status updated on your activities and rewards. 

Redeeming Your Rewards

Earning Healthy Rewards is not automatic! You have to provide us with the information about your healthy activity such as the date of your appointment or the name of your provider. You will be able to see what information you need to give us by clicking on one of the rewards on your home page. 

Once you give us the information on your healthy activity, you will be able select your gift card. Once you complete this process, it will take about weeks to receive your reward. 

Remember, many of these rewards can be redeemed yearly! Make sure to check back every year to see what rewards you can earn. 


Extra Benefits

As a Healthy Blue member, you can have access to extra benefits such as free gift cards, youth club memberships, cellular benefits and more.