How To Enroll

New to Medicaid?

Take the steps outlined on this page.

1. Apply for Medicaid.

2. Choose Healthy Blue.

3. Choose your primary care provider.



Am I Eligible for Medicaid?

Not sure if you can get Medicaid? Find out if you are eligible.

1. Apply for Medicaid 

To choose Healthy Blue, you have to first apply for Medicaid. You will apply with the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS). They will determine if you qualify. There are a few ways you can apply:

Apply Online

Online is the easiest way to apply. To apply online, visit

By Email 

Download the Healthy Connections Medicaid Application. Email the application and supporting documents to

By Mail

Download the Healthy Connections Medicaid Application. Mail the application and supporting documents to: 

SCDHHS Central Mail
P.O. Box 100101
Columbia, SC 29202-3101

In Person

You can apply in person at: 

Gather Your Documents

To apply, you will need the following info for all the members of your family: 

  • Date of birth. 
  • Social Security number. 
  • Income from jobs or training. 
  • Benefits received, such as Social Security, supplemental security income (SSI), veterans benefits or child support. This includes benefits you are getting now or got in the past. 
  • Monthly rent, mortgage payment and utility bills.
  • Payments made for other health insurance. 

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Need help applying?

SC Thrive can help you apply for Medicaid. Call SC Thrive at 800-726-8774 or visit SC Thrive is an independent organization that helps you apply for benefits.

Be sure to check your mail!

SCDHHS will send you a letter telling you if you qualify for Medicaid. If you do, you will get a medical ID card and welcome packet. 

2. Choose Healthy Blue

You will have 30 days to choose a health plan after you get your welcome packet from Healthy Connections. You don’t want to miss your chance to choose Healthy Blue! If you do not choose a health plan, Healthy Connections Choices will choose for you. There are a few ways to choose your health plan:


Visit* and choose Healthy Blue. 

By Phone

Call Healthy Connections Choices at 877-552-4642 (TTY: 877-552-4670) Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time. Tell them you want Healthy Blue! 

By Mail or Fax

Fill out the Health Plan and Doctor Selection Form in your enrollment packet. Check that you want Healthy Blue on the form. Mail the form to: 

    South Carolina Healthy Connections Choices
    P.O. Box 8691
    Columbia, SC 29202-9255

Or fax the form to 877-552-4672

*This link leads to a third-party website. This organization is solely responsible for the privacy policies and contents on its site.

Gather your documents

To choose Healthy Blue, you will need your: 

  • Healthy Connections member ID.
  • Healthy Connections personal identification number (PIN). 
  • Date of birth.

You can find your member ID and PIN in your welcome packet. 


Why Choose Healthy Blue?

If you become a Healthy Blue member, you can get free extra benefits, such as memberships or a free cell phone. You can also get free gift cards for completing healthy activities with our Healthy Rewards program.

3. Choose Your Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Once you choose Healthy Blue, it is important to pick a doctor or PCP for every member of your family with Medicaid. Healthy Blue has a large network of doctors for you to choose from! 

Find a doctor

Need to find a PCP or a specialist? Use our provider search tool to find a doctor, hospital or lab.

Find a Doctor

Pregnant Members and New Parents

What if I just had a baby?

Healthy Connections Choices will automatically enroll your baby in the same health plan as you on the month of your child’s birth. Learn more about your coverage during your pregnancy and beyond.