Care Management Rights and Responsibilities

When you join our program, you have certain rights and responsibilities. 

You have the right to:

  • Get details about us. This includes: 

    • Programs and services we offer.

    • Our staff and their skills or education.

    • Any deals we have with other companies.

  • Leave the program.

  • Know who on our team is managing your case.

  •  Ask for a new care manager.  

  • Receive support from us when it comes to your health care choices with your health care providers. 

  • Ask about all treatment options mentioned in clinical guidelines and talk about your options with your doctor. This includes treatments that are not part of your health plan. 

  • Have your medical information and personal data kept confidential. 

  • Understand how we make sure your information stays safe.

  • Know who has access to your information.

  • Get polite and respectful service from our staff.

  • Get clear and easy to understand information. 

  • File complaints to Healthy Blue by calling Customer Service.

  • Get help on how to use the complaint process.

  • Know how much time Healthy Blue has to respond to and resolve your complaint.

  • Give us feedback.


You have a responsibility to:

  • Follow the care plan made with your care manager.

  • Give us information needed to be able to help you.

  • Tell us and your doctor if you choose to leave the program.


We do not use our care management program to market products or services from outside companies. Care management does not profit from any of the goods and services we offer.

If you would like to receive a written version of your rights and responsibilities, call our Customer Service team.